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Solution Focused

We always provide people a complete solution focused of any business.

Customer Oriented

We are customer focused provide a best solution of business.

Treat It As Our Own

We treat our customers’ businesses as our own and never take things lightly

Decision Maker

Sometimes you need someone to provide you with opinions to make decisions.


Your Results Are Our Responsibility

Strategic Business Partner

Our team of consultants is your partner in progressing with the times

We Listen

Through active listening, we consistently uncover issues.

Our Process Flow

At WBC, our approach begins with the client’s initial inquiry.

Market Analysis and Strategy


Marketing Can’t Work Without Analytics

Don’t engage in ineffective marketing activities, investing substantial funds without achieving the expected results. We will assist you before undertaking any marketing work.

  • Structure model
  • Feasibility study
  • Business process models

What We Do

Creating Long-Term Value with Entrepreneurial Intelligence! Our Main Goal is Growth.

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Our Best Services

Business Analysis

We strive to comprehend our clients’ business risks thoroughly and offer valuable recommendations and solutions.

Reports Analysis

We conduct precise analysis and propose suggestions tailored to specific reports.

Biz Development

Our team conducts in-depth research, analysis, and devises comprehensive marketing and market strategies for our clients.


We provide specialized qualification certification services, including ISO/HACCP/GMP, and more.

Team Building

We customize optimal team-building programs for our clients.

Individual Training

We offer professional development courses to enhance individual skills and qualifications.

Online Solutions

We deliver network server and domain system services.

Digital Applications

We offer website creation services for online stores and corporate websites.

Apart from being an abbreviation for WISE BUSINESS CONSULTING (WBC), perhaps “White Blood Cell” better epitomizes our role.

As a professional business consultancy team, we are akin to the white blood cells within an enterprise’s body, constituting a part of its immune system. We act as guardians, shielding the company from bacterial or viral infections (external threats or internal sources of infection) to help businesses improve their management, marketing, branding, and foster robust growth.

Rather than being called business consultants, we aspire to be guardians of enterprises.


Founder | Chief Consultant

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Our Consulting Team & Experts


Founder / Chief Consultant

Evelyn ONG

Associated Partner / Senior Consultant

Phyllis TEO




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